Nice thought, I want to spin. But is it wise to buy a new spinning wheel right away? Or should I borrow a wheel from someone first to see if spiders suit me? And also: what kind of spinning wheel suits me?

Before I start buying a spider wheel, I decide to first investigate whether spiders are as great as I hope. Because I know myself: if I like something a little bit, I won’t. Even if I’ve already spent money on it.

Dare to ask

So I’m placing a question on Facebook, asking if there might be someone living nearby who I can borrow a spinning wheel for a few weeks. Because sitting behind a spinning wheel and spinning is the only way to find out if it makes me happy.

I soon receive a response and on December 31, 2018 I sit at home for the first time behind a wheel spinning my first thread.

It’s not love at first sight

But although I like spinning, After two weeks I’m still not very excited. The device doesn’t do what I want.

My thread keeps breaking and the spinning wheel I borrowed only proves suitable for spinning thin threads. Whereas it seems so great to me to be able to spin very thick threads.

So I’m looking for the Internet, looking for a wheel that does have that capability. I watch dozens of videos and research what is for sale in this area. But soon I can’t see the wood for the treas anymore…

And then I fell in love

In the shop where I buy my first drum carder, I also find my dream spinning wheel: it just turns out to exist, haha. It’s an Ashford Country Spinner.

Not that it’s “love at first sight.” No, far from that even! I don’t like it. Honestly, I think:

That spinning wheel looks like a walker and I think it’s an ugly device

But if the saleswoman suggests that I can sit behind it to spin, then… I’m in love right away, haha. I know right away. And most certainly:

This will be my first own spinning wheel

As happy as a child, I’m going home again,

The spinning wheel I dreamed of just turns out to exist
I’ve spun on that great device
And the spinning is super fun to do

Ashford Country Spinner

Coming home, I read Ashford’s leaflet several times from front to back all the way through. And while I’m over the moon about spinning on the Ashford Country Spinner, I think buying such a new spinning wheel is still quite an investment. Especially for something I’ve only been cautious about two weeks earlier. And what’s actually not going well.

Trying those 5 minutes was fantastic, but I still don’t know for sure if I’m still so excited about spinning after a few months.

So I close the leaflet and agree to spin a little more and more often before I buy any new spinning wheel.

Dreaming out loud really works…!

And then here’s what happens.

Within 3 days I read a message on Facebook that someone is offering her Ashford Country Spinner for sale. For just over half of the new price!

So on Saturday, January 12, 2019, we’ll be in the car for half a day to pick up my new used spider wheel. I’m so happy.

Although the Country Spinner has not been used much, there are some stains on the still untreated wood. So the next day I sit in my sweatpants with my ass on the floor, sanding the spider wheel lightly. Then I put it in the laundry.

Now the device looks like new again. And I have a nice, own spinning wheel…

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