Although I enjoy spinning at home on my own, I like to connect with other spinsters. However, I quickly notice that I can’t share with everyone I’m so excited about. Because my way of spinning, making what I like, is often slightly different. And because of this, I regularly don’t get enough inspiration from the people around me. So that ‘must’ be different…

When I start spinning in January 2019 (in this blog I write about it) the internet is my great friend. Because at that time, I don’t know many women who spin. And the way they spin is not my way. I know I want something other than being offered, but I still don’t know exactly how or what.

So I’m going to look for how I can feed my creative brain even more and even better. Where and with whom I need to be to learn spinning. What’s possible in the world that’s completely new to me.

I also look for opportunities to share what I do and what I make with others. So that I inspire not only myself, but also others.

Suzy Brown is my major inspiration

While surfing the internet for hours, I discover Suzy Brown. In May, exactly a year ago, I discovered her website. I don’t know what’s happening to me. I bounce with excitement when I first get to her website. What a lot of fun together. A bucket of inspiration. I’d like to learn her way of spinning. I’d love to.

Suzy is my great role model. What she does and what she stands for, I fully agree with. How inspiring that woman is!

On her website ‘Fiberygoodness‘ I see a lot of news at once. A whole new world is opening up for me. I feel like a sponge, when I read about her magazine, online courses and e-books.

So I read everything that’s loose and stuck on the site, spend hours watching her videos on YouTube and taking various online courses from her.

’tinyStudio Magazine Creative Magazine’

I also subscribe to her’tinyStudio Creative Life Magazine’. In it you will find more than just spinning, weaving and dyeing wool. There are also regular bits in it about a way of life that I can totally agree with.

At the time of signing up, number 3 of the magazine is just out. How inspiring it is! I’m so excited that I’m also ordering number 1 and 2.

The subscription is included with every issue of the magazine about 5 to 7 informative videos about everything that has to do directly or indirectly with wool, spiders and dyeing. For example about techniques, use of materials and tools. So I have hours of viewing pleasure with every edition.

So I regularly watch a movie while spinning. And I watch a lot of those movies more often, because I learn a lot from them.

A dream come true

While reading the site and magazines and watching the videos I fantasize about it.

“How cool would it be if I could ever spin so well and that my pictures are in that amazing inspiring magazine”

I never dreamed that my dream would come true a year later. And that no less than 2 of my photos would be placed in the beautiful magazine.

One of the pictures I took of my spun wool even has its own page. And the page on which my other photo is on can also be found HERE on the website. How cool is that!

Proud as a peacock

This time (edition 7), ’tinyStudio Creative Life Magazine’ has a new permanent component: ‘Community makes’.

I’m so glad we were able to share your beautiful pictures of your amazing yarn in this issue! When I came up with the idea for the Community Makes section, it was my dream to lift up others in our community who can inspire us all. I always look forward to seeing all the new posts every day, seeing what everyone is working on or is done. Everyone inspires me so much and I hope this little glimpse into our community inspires others to join in with the fun. ~ Evanita Montalvo

Thank you Evanita, I’m grateful you’re giving me this opportunity. I’m really glad I’m part of this creative community. Especially in this period when the whole world is turned upside down. And where connecting with like-minded people is more important than ever.

‘Fiberygoodness tinyStudio’ – Facebook group

The new permanent part of the magazine contains photos of members of the ‘Fiberygoodness tinyStudio’ Facebook group, That’s a group you can sign up for for free. I get inspired, inspired by others, learn from what I see coming along and I can ask my questions there. It’s a place where I feel very at home.

It’s so much fun to see all those pictures of all those inspiring people together in that beautiful magazine. Great. And I’m super proud that two of my photos are in there, too. Especially since I’ve only been spinning for 16 months!

Below you will find the pages from the magazine with the yellow wool that I spun, with the red thread around it.

I don’t like that color.

The joke is: I don’t like yellow *lol* at all. But despite that, it has become a very cheerful yarn. It’s the only spun yellow yarn. So far, so good. Because just to get loose with colors I don’t have anything to do with, turns out to be a good thing.

(Read on below the pictures).

More inspiration through time out

This issue of the magazine has a theme that fits with the period we are now all in.

“The underlying focus in this issue is celebration of design and inspiration, which sometimes comes from ’time out’!” ~ Suzy Brown

Nothing less is true, I know from experience. Because in January, even before the COVID-19 outbreak, I opt for a very conscious ’time out’.

Because I have not been clear enough for some time and do not know which direction I want to go with my company, I choose at that time out.

To completely distance yourself from everything that has to do with my company.

So I could use that time to investigate:

What makes me really happy & fulfilled? How from there, as a person and entrepreneur?

I could never have imagined that not much later the whole world would end up in a lock down by Covid-19. How bizarre…

My next big dream

At least I’m doing well, my consciously chosen ’time out’. And I choose to keep it that way for the foreseeable future, that great amount of rest and relaxation in my life.

Creating this website is one of the things that emerged in this period. From my need to inspire others with all the fun and beauty I do when it comes to spinning, dyeing wool and weaving. And I still have a lot of great ideas that I want to work out to share here in this place.

With spinning, I’m still a beginner. Because even though I’ve spun a lot of meters in the meantime, I’ve only been spinning for a little over a year. SoI have a lot to learn in the field of spinning, dyeing wool and weaving. Happy!

My main next step is actually ‘just’ a very small, but one for me apparently hugely tricky next move. Because although there is no ‘spinning police’, I often find it quite exciting to see what I make pop into the world.

However, I assume that in the near future I will find ways to work more constructively on my techniques. And that I meet the right people who inspire me and learn even more from. So that I get better at what I do, feel more comfortable in what I do and therefore more often others can and can inspire others.

And if I dare to dream very carefully, I know my next wish:

When I’m 10 steps ahead with spinning I really want to write a full article for the ’tinyStudio Creative Life Magazine’